Feb 20.2023

Swimming Pool Scoreboard: Types, Costs, and Tips

 What is a swimming pool scoreboard?

What Are the Types of Swimming Pool Scoreboards?

How to Choose a Swimming Pool Scoreboard?

Swimming Pool Scoreboard Prices

 What is a swimming pool scoreboard?


A swimming pool scoreboard works as a digital display and shows the timing and other things of the live swimming events. There are different types of scoreboards with specific features. While some are highly customizable and display many things, others will have limited features. However, a scoreboard can support the swimming activity of all levels of swimmers. These digital displays will help athletes track their performance and improve in a competitive setting.


What Is It Used For?


The objective of using a scoreboard is to track the performance of the athletes. Experienced swimmers can use a scoreboard to perform better, and beginners can use it during training to hone their skills. The scoreboard will track the progress and help to address all the improvement areas. Once they have a scoreboard, they do not need to worry about their performance. They can track every detail and plan accordingly.


Swimming pool scoreboards play a crucial role in swimming competitions and meets. These scoreboards help swimmers to compete and perform their best. The scoreboard will show the times with names to create an immersive experience. They will know the progress and perform even better next time. That's why many clubs and experienced swimmers consider using a swimming pool scoreboard to have a seamless swimming experience.


Currently, you will have more options in swimming pool scoreboards. Technologies have added innovations to help with more benefits. Now, these scoreboards are not part of the wealthiest swimming clubs only. You can also find one in most swimming clubs. Innovations and demands have bridged the gap, and now there is an option for all levels of swimmers.


What Are the Types of Swimming Pool Scoreboards?


You will have different types of swimming pool scoreboards in the current market. All will have some unique features and benefits. Also, you can consider a traditional option or the most advanced one. Many things will depend on your budget and preference. However, we will cover three main types in the following. Keep reading and find the best fit.


Alphanumeric Scoreboards


An alphanumeric scoreboard is one of the most popular choices for swimmers. It is available in one to ten-line displays. There will be sixteen bright LED characters per line. When the top one scrolls the number and event name, lane lines display the swimmers' names and the team code. The board will show the team, current score, place, and name during the events. It will also display the awards, judges, the score for that drive, the current score, and the total score.


Numeric Scoreboards


The numeric scoreboards will display cumulative splits and the running clock on lane one. Once the lane finishes the race, it will show the time, place, and lane. Besides, the message line will display the heat number, running clock, and event number. It will display the current score, the rotation number, and the total new score during diving events.


Video Scoreboards


Video scoreboards can display the video input with team codes, splits, names, and times. You can have a configurable one to fit your space. A video scoreboard is versatile, and you can use it to display underwater video feeds, movies, PowerPoint Presentations, and many other things. During the swimming events, it will show everything, including logos.


How to Choose a Swimming Pool Scoreboard?


You will have to consider many factors while buying a swimming pool scoreboard. In addition to the purpose, your budget will play a determining role. These swimming pool scoreboards are available in a wide price range. Hence, you can check the features to know which scoreboard can support your water activity.


Know your budget and the information you want to display. Also, you will have to understand where and when you will use this scoreboard. The availability of the space and how many lines you want to display are also considerations. Here are details you can go through to make the best purchase.




Know the budget you have, and then you can plan accordingly. You might prefer an advanced and well-equipped scoreboard in your club to grab the attention of more swimmers. However, your budget might not support it. Hence, know your budget and the features you want, and then you can narrow down your choices. It will make things easier, and you can find the best fit.


Information Display


The requirements of a beginner and experienced will vary. Beginners might want to improve, but experienced players would look for ways to perform better. Hence, know which information will support your activity. Do you want to track the split, time, and name? Know and then go ahead.


Indoor or Outdoor


You will find many options for your indoor activity. But when the location is outdoors, you might need more research. You can install most scoreboards in outdoor conditions. But ensure that you have arrangements to make the installation hassle-free. Also, some designs support outdoor water adventures, and you can have one to get maximum durability.


Availability of the Space


The next consideration is space availability. Some venues will have limited space for a big scoreboard. In that condition, you will have to consider a small one. Check the mounting option and other installation requirements, and then you can have one confidently. You can also take the help of experts whenever you have any doubts.


Swimming Pool Scoreboard Prices


Swimming pool scoreboard prices will vary significantly based on the type and features. The size of the screen will play a determining role as well. You will have to spend more if you choose the big one. Some other contributing factors to the price are installation requirements and mounting options. However, you will have to pay around AUD20,000 for a standard scoreboard. However, it will be much more if you want advanced features and a bigger screen. You can invest in advanced options with a flexible budget. The benefit is that you can attract more swimmers to your club and enable them to track almost everything.


A swimming pool scoreboard is a must-have tool for those clubs who want to create a favorable setting for swimmers to improve constantly and perform better in every competition. Find a suitable scoreboard with the above criteria and make more from your effort.