Jan 31.2023

Outdoor Basketball Scoreboard - Types and Costs

Types of basketball scoreboards

Basketball scoreboard costs

Essential factors to choosing a basketball scoreboard

Recommended outdoor basketball scoreboard display

The most critical part of any sports venue is its scoreboard. Thanks to technology, it has become easier than ever to purchase a basketball scoreboard from anywhere in the world. You can find one on the internet or via merchants selling products related to these scoreboards (such as power boards). However, athletic organizations are starting to take note of this trend, and they are making efforts to keep up with rapidly increasing demand by ensuring that their scoreboards are high-quality and dependable enough in their expected lifespan. If you are looking for a new scoreboard for your facility, here is what you should know before making that purchase.


Types of basketball scoreboards


Video / LED scoreboards


Video scoreboards are essentially a large TV used to display real-time game statistics. They can be custom built with the right hardware, and are specifically designed for sports teams. Video scoreboard systems will offer more in-depth game analysis because they can show detailed information like player stats and tendencies as well as live video feeds of the players on field. LED Scoreboard Systems typically feed off of a computer running media software that displays a scrolling message of text and graphics on an LED monitor or screen lengthwise across the bottom like tickertape.


Fixed-digit scoreboards


A fixed-digit scoreboard is a type of sports scoreboard that has the correct digits, but the scoring and time are not updated during the game. The digital displays are usually used in practice games and drills where timing is not an issue, such as during half-time of football games. The most common types of fixed digit scoreboards use regular seven segment LED displays on their basketball scoreboard wall clock. These displays are called "fixed-digits" because the digits are fixed and cannot be changed during game play. Instead, software programs and timers control when the score and timer digits change so that they will always show the current score and time. To generate the digits quickly, a code is used to represent each digit in binary format. When a code is used, it generates exactly the right quantity of on or off (on/off) segments to form that digit is dot pattern.


Basketball scoreboard costs


A basketball scoreboard can cost anywhere from $200 to over $9,000 depending on the size of the board, how much customization is needed, and whether you decide to have it delivered or build it yourself. This is one of the more expensive purchases that you will make as a basketball coach and an upgrade would help your team improve their performance on the court. Since you will be making a significant investment, it is critical to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. The features that you need and the price point that you are working with will determine what makes sense for your program.


If you have very young athletes who need to keep score, a low-cost electronic scorer works best. The price can range from around $150 to $2000. Some of these devices attach directly to the rim or hang on the wall while others are standalone scoreboards with a digital display and remote control. They all work in much the same way using a sensor attached to an elastic band which is placed around one of the backboard posts. In addition, the cost of a simple manual scoreboard can be approximately $20. However, such kind of scoreboard might only have scores and time and you will be required to flip the provided numbers to display the scores.


Essential factors to choosing a basketball scoreboard


Digital or Analog


If you are going with a digital scoreboard, then you will need a data cable that connects from the scoreboard to your computer. It will allow you to view statistics (such as points scored, foul calls, turnovers and assists), save preset game settings and check battery levels on your digital scoreboard.


Analog scoreboards use a pen-style system for keeping score. They have a pen that fits over the scorepad and you use it to tally tallies. The advantage is that you can tally scores without cables or software, as well as in the dark, using only your hands. They also tend to last longer and are easier to replace if they get damaged. However, with all of the features of digital scoreboards, it is difficult to choose between them these days.


Number of Screens


The number of screens on your scoreboard will depend on how many players are on the roster, whether you want a full-color or black-and-white display and whether you plan to have a split screen. For example, if you have eight players on the team, you might want to go with a jumbo scoreboard that has five screens instead of four. On the other hand, if your team has 20 players and you would like their scores to be uniform throughout the game, then you might prefer four screens with a full color display. The split screen will allow for every player's score to be displayed at once.


If you only have a few players, or if you have a lot of bench players to account for, then a black-and-white scoreboard will suffice. They are more affordable and offer more versatility - you can even mix and match full-color and black-and-white screens. If you are wanting to display more than just the score on your scoreboard, choose one with either an update feature or video capability so that stats such as points per period, fouls or team names can be displayed on each screen.




The cost of the basketball scoreboard is an critical factor to consider because you pay a relatively large sum of money to have them installed in your venue. The cost of the basketball scoreboard depends on such factors as size, color, brand, and manufacturer. The price can also vary depending on whether refurbished or new models are used. In most cases, you will want to go with a more expensive basketball scoreboard because it is going to last longer and run more efficiently which will save you money in the long run although there are some exceptions where a less expensive model can work out just as well for your needs.




Size is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a basketball scoreboard because they are usually large, they use a lot of electricity, and they take up a lot of the space in your gymnasium or arena. You need to ensure that you have enough space to put your basketball scoreboard in. The sizing standard is listed on the back or underneath your basketball scoreboard. Generally, if you have a 10 by 9 inches playing surface, then you will want to purchase a 10 by 10 inches or 10 by 11 inches basketball scoreboard, depending on where you intend on having it.


Recommended outdoor basketball scoreboard display


The tabletop LED scoreboard is one of the recommended outdoor scoreboard because it is a simple system for tallying up points - it is perfect for people who already use portable LED tennis courts or soccer nets. It is quickly becoming the most popular type due to its low cost and high visibility from afar. The tabletop LED scoreboard is built on a powder-coated metal frame and has a vinyl backboard as well as a white underlay, which should be replaced if damaged. It has two teams' score counters and individual player counters for each person that is playing. In this case, the best rated outdoor scoreboard is the Sports Supply Group Multisport Indoor Tabletop Scoreboard because it is equipped with LED lights which display team score for away and home sides. It can also display the number of fouls that every team commits. Since it has a countdown timer function you can use it as a stopwatch in training sessions or competitive games. Most importantly, it has a large LCD display with blue backlight that allows for easy viewing from any angle, especially in dark arenas.


Outdoor basketball is an intriguing way to practice your game and to make new friends. But as you might know, it can also be quite difficult to keep score and get an accurate idea of the score at any given point in time. However, a good basketball scoreboard can be a great addition to your home court. They are the best way to keep a running tally of the game, and they help make games more competitive and fun. You can find some pretty inexpensive ones online, but many people like to go for more expensive models that have additional features including basketball scoreboard wall clock, shot counters, and even sound effects.