May 15.2022

Modular LED Display Panels - Everything About It

What is a LED display module?

Different sizes of LED display module

The benefits of using modular LED display panels

What are modular LED display panels always used for?

Wrap up

If you want a high-impact display for a project, the modular LED display panels are a good fit. You can configure them the way you want for a seamless viewing experience.

This post will answer the question; what is module screen? We'll also discuss the different sizes, benefits, and applications. Read on.


What is a LED display module?


It's one of the components of a finished LED display that comprises PCB, IC, LEDs, cables, connectors, resistors, screws, and capacitors. The LED display module integrates all electronics to produce images and videos.


Modules have two connections - the multipin data input and 5V AC power supply. One critical component is the electronic board. It comprises a circuit with copper that interconnect with circuit boards. On the front part, you'll find ICs (chips or circuits and LEDs. For screens that are resistant to rain, an additional layer can be installed. The rear plastic structure, on the other hand, gives rigidity to the printed circuit. You may find some rubber gaskets to keep moisture at bay. It also adds a visor-type edge to improve visibility in direct sunlight.


Different sizes of LED display module


LED display modules are available in different sizes - this is determined by the pixel pitch. The sizes vary from 2mm upwards. You can choose the size that suits you best, depending on your viewing distance.


  • * For a 5mm pixel, the module is 160 mm by 160mm or 320mm by 160mm
  • * For 4mm pixels, the module size is 128mm by 128 mm or 256mm by 128mm
  • * For 3mm pixels, the size of the LED board or module is 192mm by 192mm


Since the LEDs come in a range of pixel sizes, you can use them for up-close displays or long-distance viewing. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution.


The benefits of using modular LED display panels


Stable operation


The brightness for the LED display module averages 0-800 nits. Anything below 100 nits means that the colors are twice as rich as the traditional LEDs. In terms of image processing, you should expect something relevant to your studio projects.


Saves money


Investing in modular LED displays can save you money in the long term. They require less maintenance and don't overheat. Some come with a sealed design to prevent dampness and dust. If you want to maintain your unit, there are no lengthy diagnostic periods.


Efficient operation


Modular LEDs use less power and do not require bulky cooling units. The value you bring to your space goes beyond the initial cost. Some give brightness up to 7000 nits.

For most module LEDs, the cables, receiving card, and power supply can be accessed from the front. If you have limited space, a special panel can be installed too.


Sleek design


Unlike the traditional displays, modular LEDs feature a slim and sleek design. This makes them the perfect choice for folks who want something beautiful on the wall. If you have a lot of content to display, you don't want to view it on a display that looks a few decades old. When modular displays are stretched across the entire stage, they make a huge impact.


And because they come in different designs, you can always find something to suit your budget. Some come with advanced rover designs for unrivaled viewing angles.




The LEDs can be built in any shape or size. You can stack them together or design any shape or size you desire. The only restriction is the size of your panel. Modular panels are also quick to set up and tear down.


There are a couple of things to consider when choosing mounting options. You should pay attention to the height of the screen and aesthetics. Some of the standard options are:


Flown off a fuss


This is the most suitable option if you want to get the screen up in the air. It also works well in areas that experience high winds.


Ground stacked, rear supported


This is a viable option if want to use the screen as a backdrop. Generally, the screen is 2 feet off the ground. It also works well if the audience can't see the screen when seated.


Sturdy construction


Modular LEDs are made of sturdy materials for consistence performance. To ensure durability, most models come with extraordinary features such as heatproof, waterproof, etc. And because the LEDs are often hooked via rigs or truss systems, they are great for different outdoor applications.


Low-cost splicing


With a panel ratio of 16:9, the LED display can be spliced into video proportions of 16:9 and 4:3. This can reduce under dual conditions and certain scenes.


Reliable data and power management


The external sending power guarantees safe and reliable connections. In addition, they feature a remote power supply system that works up to 15 meters from the screen.


What are modular LED display panels always used for?


Digital signage


The modular LED displays deliver an impactful visual experience, thus suitable for storefront advertising and transportation signage. They can also withstand harsh water conditions. This is the best way to strengthen your brand before the competition. The bio-directional signal sends diagnostic information in different directions.


With viewing angles of 160 degrees, the panels can catch the attention of onlookers from far. Since there are different pixel pitches provisions, the brightness level can cater to different client preferences. This is the highest level of reliability.


Outdoor events


When the audience is further away, a standard pixel pitch is a sure bet. In mass events where you target a wider audience, you should ensure the perfect visibility. Be it a sport or a company event, none of the attendees should lose the details. A unit with an advanced 19-bit video image can produce 4.4 trillion colors. You can adjust the brightness of each screen if the image is below 100 nits. For a flawless display, the refresh rate can be as high as 3840 HZ.


Decorate exteriors


Architects find modular LEDs an innovative option in exterior design. The screen's content will not only make your space stand out but can also capture the attention of potential customers.


Wrap up


I'm sure we have answered the question; what is module screen? The modular display panels are perfect for any indoor and outdoor audience - from a small room to a big arena. And the benefits go beyond the initial cost. These screens are energy efficient and require less maintenance. Of course, the sleek design means that you're stepping into the future.