Harsh environmental factors for outdoor big led screen

2019.11.08 unilumin.com

How to avoid the impact of the severe environment on outdoor LED large screens? Often, we have to consider that LED large screens may be damaged by typhoons, rainstorms, and lightning. We warmly remind you, our friends, that, when using outdoor LED screens, you must take measures to prevent or reduce the damage to screens. So, how should we, manufacturers of LED large screens for years, face the unpredictable harsh weather? Now, the editor will talk about a few tips about protecting outdoor LED large screens.

Prevent high temperature

It is well known that outdoor LED large screens have large panels. As the electricity consumption in the use is particularly high, the corresponding quantity of heat that should be dissipated is large too. In addition to the high temperature outside, if the heat dissipation is not effective and rapid, the circuit board will be hot and have a short circuit. Therefore, in the production environment, it is necessary to ensure that LED large screen circuit boards be in good condition. Choose a hollow design of the housing as much as possible, which will help dissipate heat. It is also needed to keep good ventilation of the outside environment of screens according to the actual installation situation. Add heat dissipation equipment to screens when necessary, thus avoiding the failure of heat dissipation as much as possible. For example, install an extra air conditioner or fan outside to help dissipate heat.

Prevent typhoons

Many people do not know that there are diverse locations and methods for the installation of outdoor LED large screens. For example, wall-mounted type, mosaic type, column type, and hanging type, etc. The problem is, to prevent LED large screens from falling in typhoon seasons, the requirements for the bearing steel frame structure of outdoor LED large screens will be very strict. Engineering units must be designed and installed in strict accordance with the requirements of being able to resist Category 10 typhoons. At the same time, LED large screens must have certain anti-seismic capabilities to ensure that it will not fall and cause personnel injury.


Since ancient times, we have known that there is much rain in the south, so LED large screens must have high-level water-proof protection systems so as not to be corroded. In the use environment of outdoor LED screens, screens should meet the standard of IP65. Modules should be sealed with glue and water-proof cabinets should be applied. Use water-proof rubber rings to connect modules and cabinets, thus achieving better water-proof effects.

Prevent lightning

We all know clearly that lightning is destructive to things. Similarly, the impact of lightning on LED large screens is destructive too. If screens are hit by lightning, the damage will be very serious. Therefore, outdoor LED large screens must be equipped with lightning rods and other lightning protection equipment, so as to avoid being damaged by lightning. Install power supply lightning arresters in distribution boxes and ground power supplies, thus ensuring the safety of LED large screens and the personnel.